Trick-or-Treat at the Winchester Mystery House

The chance to costume-up and candy-out at the world's best-known haunted house? Eek!

TAKING A BREAK... in the middle of trick-or-treating? To chat, joke, and catch up with other kids in the neighborhood? There's probably some candy comparisons going down during such a convo, and talk of awesome costumes, and gossip about the coolest jack o' lanterns on the block. But there will definitely be discussion of "that one house," and whether "that one house" is super-spooky, or decorated in a memorable manner, or has the yummiest sweets almost matters not: It's legendary. And if you really want to talk about legendary homes, and the season of ghost stories and ghouly gatherings, you only need to look to San Jose, where one of the planet's most story-laden structures sits. It's the...

WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE, of course, and while it is more known for its history-fun tours, including its seasonal candlelight events, there is an opportunity to walk the Trick or Treat Trail at Sarah Winchester's manse. We know: Trick-or-treating at the Winchester Mystery House sounds like something from a daydream or a tall tale, but it will actually happen on the afternoons of Saturday, Oct. 27 and Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. The rare chance is "(f)ree to guests of all ages," and the "Caretakers of the estate" will be the ones with the treats. It's an outside lark, through the lovely gardens found adjacent to the eerie abode, so you know you'll be in the sunshine (fingers crossed) as you saunter about looking for sweets. Sweets at one of the best-known wraith-wonderful places around.

NEED MORE WINCHESTERIAN WHIMSY... in your life? Your pals, relatives, and fellow phantom buffs won't believe that your kids went trick-or-treating at the celebrated spirit palace. Details? Take 13 steps in this direction, now...

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