Universal's ‘Jurassic World' Ride to Soon Saur

The big-teeth'd attraction'll stomp into Universal Studios Hollywood in the summer of 2019.

HOW DO YOU KNOW... that an especially large T. Rex, a titan-sized beast, is on approach? If you're roaming a prehistoric jungle, you might hear the mega reptile's super-loud footsteps growing near. But if you're awaiting the highly anticipated opening of a dinosaur-big attraction, say, like Jurassic World at Universal Studios Hollywood, you don't need to listen for the stomp behind you or wait for the breath on the back of your neck: You only need keep tabs on announcements from the theme park, to see when the ride will officially saur. And saur, it shall, starting in the summer of 2019, a fact that will make any blockbuster buff give a loud roar. But do momentarily hit "pause" on your roaring, for one second, to check out some of the fresh info just shared by Universal on this new-but-way-old ride.

"NEWLY THEMED ENVIRONMENTS"... are part of the prehistoric scene, as is "an original storyline," the theme park revealed on March 22. For sure, Jurassic World, which will sit on the dino-sized footprint of the former Jurassic Park ride, was inspired by the franchise of the same name, but guests can expect a surprising and immersive experience, once they step on board. What can you expect? Keep your dino-directed eyes open for "... additional new dinosaurs from the film, lush scenic design, and ground-breaking technology that has yet to be experienced within a theme park."

SOME OF THE BEASTIES... you'll meet include a Stegosaurus and a Dilophosaurus, and, yes, the absolute king of the toothy line-up, a ginormous Tyrannosaurs rex. A thrilling 84-foot waterfall drop may be your only means of escape, so hang onto that raft you're riding. Additional fun includes an off-ride "Dino Play" area, which includes an educational, excavation-cool angle, and on-theme videos to watch while you're in line. 

THE WIZARDS... behind this you're-inside-the-story adventure? Universal Creative, Industrial Light & Magic, and filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow, and Frank Marshall are all helping to summon a stunning, saurus-filled scene, one that couldn't normally be achieved without the help of a time machine. Don't have such a magical vehicle? You're in luck: We're just a couple of months out from the opening of Jurassic World, so listen for the stomp, stomp, stomp behind you, as the Universal Studios Hollywood attraction grows closer.

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