Valentine's Weekend on Catalina Island

Ocean views and zip line adventure; the hearts-y weekend gets awesome, in Avalon.

ACROSS THE WAVES: While those who celebrate Valentine's Day approach the occasion in their own fanciful or sensible way, there isn't a one-size-fits-all-ness that reigns, regardless of what people might say. You can go the tried-and-true route -- chocolates, greeting card, flowers -- or you can fly, with some velocity, along a zip line over an island at dusk. It's all good, and we all have our preferences and particular tastes, but stating that many more people have known the former, vs. the latter, isn't going out on a limb. Or going out on the stern of a boat, rather, in this case: We're about to talk about Catalina Island here, where an offbeat Valentine's Weekend package will soon be afoot for those couples that sign up.

OF COURSE, flowers and chocolates and loving sentiments enclosed in cards pretty much rule, too, if that's your bag, so do remember to give your sweetheart some of the traditional goodies before the boat or helicopter ride over. Ah yes, there's a boat or helicopter involved, this being an island, and some other spectacular stuff, too. Like? A credit worth one hundred and twenty five dollars to Island Spa Catalina -- that's per adult -- and a Twilight Zip Line Eco Tour, which takes you from Hog's Back gate to other locations of the island (look down and spy Descanso Canyon, the ocean, and Avalon itself as you zoom along). If you need some quiet time with your honey to discuss all of that high-in-the-air adventuring, there's dinner credit at Avalon Grille worth one hundred dollars. That's the moment, over your meal, when you'll dish and dissect everything you saw, felt, and remembered from the bucket-list-y outing.

AS FOR STAYING THE WEEKEND? This is a three-night package, from Feb. 12 through 15, and you have a pair of hotels to pick from, with some various price points. Pavilion Hotel starts at $432 a night and Hotel Atwater at $335 (The Santa Catalina Island Company, by the by, is the outfit that put this all together). Those are both "per couple" prices, and for duos traveling by water, not air (helicopter rides to and from Avalon do bump up the price a bit). It's not exactly the tried-and-true route for Valentine's, but if you're not a twosome that typically takes that route, or any set path, this could be your not-so-far adventure. You do cross water, a good deal of it, but you're still in California. Call it the perfect hybrid of a far-off adventure and a home-close cozy getaway.

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