Village at Squaw Valley: Peaks and Paws Fest

Are pups the center of your world and the mountains your favorite place to be? This might be a dream event, then, for you.

TAKING A MOUNTAIN HIKE... with your tail-wagging, snout-sniffy, true-hearted companion? It's kind of the ultimate activity for dog devotees who have a soft spot for higher elevations. On the one hand you have all of that freshness, the firs and the soft sunshine, and, at your side, there's an animal who is likely having an all-out ball, trotting with you, step by step. It is, in short, a dynamic duo, the mountains and our pooches, and, unless we call the mountains home, we can only ever truly experience that particular feeling on vacation, and only those vacations when our hounds are along for the ride. But dog love can spring up, with a happy bark, at some of our mountain-air getaways, giving those who make pups pretty much the center of their universes the chance to cheer on some dock-jumping Lassies and participate in a few Fido-riffic activities. If this all floats your mountain-lovin', dog-scratchin' boat, look to...

PEAKS AND PAWS... over the weekend of Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18 at The Village at Squaw Valley. The photo-ready highlight of the 8th annual event has to be the Dock Jumping Competition, which will spotlight Splash Dogs, a "nationally recognized dog enthusiast company that features dog dock jumping events across the United States." Wet furballs, shaking out their coats after their leaps while having a let-loose blast? Oh yes, please, sign us up. Live music is part of the feel-good scene, as well as dog-person hikes in the Shirley Canyon, all with a docent at the lead. And will a bevy of vendors be on hand, purveying art, dog-themed gear, leashes, treats, and more? For sure. The most give-an-arf part of this all is that the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe will be on the receiving end of the weekend's proceeds. To get up on the whole mountain-marvelous, dogs-rule weekend, pad your way to the event's informative site now.

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