Visit Lindsay Wildlife for $1 on California Wildlife Day

Be at the beastie-packed wonderland on March 20 for learning, exploration, and fun.

Lindsay Wildlife Experience

HAPPY CALIFORNIA WILDLIFE DAY: It is quite the beautiful occurrence, that a day celebrating the epic wildlife of the Golden State just as the start of spring arrives. For spring is a season when more people begin to head outdoors, and when more people are outdoors, chances of nature appreciation, and the communing with trees, and the admiring of birds grow much stronger. Of course, we love our wildlife throughout the calendar, but when we're out in the forest, or at the beach, our bonds with the wild world often feel strengthened. But there's a way to strengthen those bonds in Walnut Creek, and if you do so on California Wildlife Day, which is Tuesday, March 20, which is also the first day of the spring season, you'll only need to pay $1. For Dollar Tuesday will arrive at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience on the 20th of March, giving adults and kids a chance to see and learn about a whole fabulous line-up of critters. Look for...

"SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS"... during the day, programs "... focused on state endangered species and those endemic to California." A host of craft-making opportunities for kids will also be part of the schedule, and games, too. And if you long to "... advocate for the protection of wildlife, as well as the environment"? Finding out how is part of the special day. So find that dollar bill, and make for Walnut Creek on March 20, the first day of spring, from 10 a.m. to 5 o'clock, to eye marvelous animals and to learn more about how we can help those critters who share our home planet with us (and, indeed, us with them).

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