Wanderlust Squaw Valley: Yoga, Music, Peace

The four-day retreat once again finds sunshine, crisp air, and true vibes near Lake Tahoe.

"FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH": That's a road many of us walk, and continue to walk, even as we keep our visions, plans, inner strengths, and outer gifts in sight. But the day-to-day has a way of, well... day-to-day-ing things, meaning we often set important callings and journeys aside while we address matters on the ground. That's not a bad thing, of course — life has a way of rolling like that — but pausing, now and then, and getting out of one's head, and even out of one's space, and making for a majestic landscape for some higher-elevation air, some stretch-nice poses, and some vibeful tunes is all about saving that ol' day-to-day for another day, all in the service of stirring deeper things. "Find your true north," in other words, is the way to go, and that happens to be one of the heartfelt calls to action from Wanderlust, the travel-on, come-together, yoga-riffic, concert-awesome experience that lands at various spots around the globe each year. If it is July, that means...

SQUAW VALLEY IS UP, and so it is, literally, and from Thursday, July 20 through Sunday, July 23. The four-day North Lake Tahoe festival will positively flower with positivity, and oodles to do, from yoga and meditation sessions (vinyasa, stand up paddleboarding, aerial yoga, and opportunities "for all levels and styles" are on the schedule) to concerts (Bibi McGill, DJ Drez, and Little Dragon are just a powerful few of the many). Shall there be outdoor adventures, hikes, and foodie happenings? Oh yes, those are woven through the magical meet-up, as are hooping, slacklining, and chances to listen to great speakers. For more on this annual alfresco event, a chance to dip back into the pool of your thoughts, strengths, and rockin' life track, look into tickets, the roster, and all of the wonderful Wanderlust musts.

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