Warthog Babies Summon the Squees at Safari West

These tusk-less tiny tots are now romping at the Santa Rosa animal park.

HERE'S A QUESTION: If a baby pig is a piglet, would you call a young warthog a hoglet? A hoggle? A hogbundle? That's up to you, dear hog-loving human, but, in general, and officialy, "shoat" or "farrow" will be the way to go here. But the way to go if you'd like to see six small hogbundles, er, shoats in adorable romp-around mode? You'll want to head directly to Santa Rosa, and Safari West, which recently welcomed the newcomers. They're still tusk-less but full of energy, and a park representative says that they're hoggies are doing some impressive "rooting and wallowing" at the moment.

SOMETHING SWEET? They six piglets hail from two litters, with the wee Mshangao and Mshindi arriving to parents Njeri and Pig Newton on April 26 and a quartet of cuties arriving just a day later to parents Teddy and Ohana. As for the foursome's names? They're truly superheroic, with Stark, Banner, Mystique, and Rogue filling out this adorable roster. (Yep, two boys and two girls make up this sibling set.) So are you feeling the hoggle happiness? Have you swooned over oodles of tiny animals in your life, but never seen a warthog that's only been here for a few weeks?

BEST HOOF IT... to Safari West soon, because babies have a pretty predictable way of growing in the leaps-and-bounds department. The park, which boasts a number of majestic beasties, recommends securing a seat on the Behind-the-Scenes experience, should hope to see these warthoggian wonders. You might spy them while on the Classic Safari Tour, but BTS is the WTG. Another way to go, if you need more warthog love in your life? Visit this post now, oh squee.

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