Watch the Sunset from Way, Way, Way Up in the Sierra

Mammoth Mountain is the place to be for this cool summertime happening.

WAY, WAY, WAY UP? How would you define such a concept? Would "way, way, way up" mean you're on the roof of your house? At the top of a hill? A tall building? It's open to discussion, surely. But surely standing at 11,000 feet, plus a few feet beyond that, absolutely falls squarely in the "way, way, way up" column. We don't often have the opportunity to go that high, or even nearly that high, but people who call upon Mammoth Mountain do. For that's the elevation found at the famous ski resort's summit, and that's the place that plenty of goggle-rocking, glove-wearing revelers make their way to each winter. But how to enjoy such an unusual location in the summer? And also enjoy a sunset seen from way, way, way up a mountain? All you need to do is a book a spot on one of Mammoth Mountain's warm-weather'd...

SUMMIT SUNSET PARTIES: They don't happen all the time, but there will be such an evening-amazing event on Aug. 16. And, true, we said "warm-weather'd," but do pack a jacket, or even something warmer, because standing on top of a massive peak, at any time of the year, is likely to be a chilly affair. But how will you reach this aforementioned "massive peak"? Via the resort's beloved Panorama Gondola, of course. Once you've stepped out onto the summit, you'll be able to gaze west, at the Minarets, and watch our nearest star perform its divine daily ritual. And you'll also be able to take in so many other mountains, hills, and valleys from where you stand, a truly awe-filled sight. Look for "... indoor and outdoor fun including a lighted glow walk to the Lake Basins Lookout, music, and food and drink concessions." Though simply standing and breathing and soaking in the splendor is recommended, too.

THE UPSHOT? This is all pretty dang neat, super-neat, in fact, and deeply soul-filling, too, as outdoor outings go (which, yes, tend to be soul-filling in general). Ready to snag your ticket? Gondola over to this page now.

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