Why Hello There, Two Millionth Rider

Who will be the lucky and distinguished person to step aboard the Sacramento Southern Railroad?

VISIT ANY ATTRACTION... or hotel or theme park or museum often enough and you're bound to see a festive fuss made over an unsuspecting guest, just as they saunter through the door. It can take a person slightly aback, at first, if they don't understand what the applause is all about, but the point soon becomes clear: This visitor marks the 100th guest, or the 1000th person to enter the front door, or perhaps the 100,000th museum goer to call upon the institution. If you're lucky enough to hit the number jackpot, timing-wise, well, you might score a free lunch or a guided walk around the place or something sweet of that ilk. It's all in good fun, and to call attention to a longtime attraction's continued popularity and meaning to a community. But what of guest number two million? That's quite the lofty number, but it is a number that will be heartily celebrated on...

SATURDAY, APRIL 2: The Sacramento Southern Railroad, which is helmed by the California State Railroad Museum, is eagerly anticipating guest #2,000,000, and, alongside host California State Parks, a big day is in store for that train buff. Surely pictures will be snapped, and various people will be all aflutter, as is tradition, but that fabled guest will also get to ride in the first class car, on an excursion, and receive "a special gift basket to mark the occasion," too. 

GRANITE ROCK 10: The big moment could happen on Granite Rock 10, the recently restored vintage steam locomotive, or one of the storied diesel locomotives that run out of Old Sacramento. If you want your chance to ride aboard either, well, they're running each weekend through September. Even if you're not the two millionth guest, you can find pleasure in exploring the cars and details (the El Dorado lounge observation car is a favorite, as is the Audobon dining car). Aren't all train enthusiasts winners when such experiences are to be had, and on sunshiny summer Saturdays and Sundays, too? For details on the rail line's 33rd season, choo-choo this way. And many congrats to guest numero two million, an impressive mantel to suddenly assume, out of the blue. Cheers.

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