Wild & Scenic Film Festival Flowers in Nevada City

Look widely, and deeply, at issues around the globe, conservation, and what's next.

TO SAY THAT YOU HUG TREES... is to only scratch the surface of the topic. Yes, you show an abiding affection for all things arboreal, but not only do you occasionally embrace the birch in your yard, you regularly donate to treely causes, and to oceanic organizations, and you spend a solid amount of time pondering how humans can do right by our natural world, be it the critters on the ground, the soarers of the air, and all of the multitude of plants and organisms that fill our forests, deserts, waters, and tundra. So, yes, you hug trees, but when you're not hugging, you're acting, you're giving, you're volunteering, you're reading, you're watching. And if you feel as though you've been a bit too busy with day-to-day-to-day for that last category, and you feel the pull to get up on conservation documentaries and flicks that focus upon this beautiful space orb where we've set down stakes, consider making for a beautiful part of that beautiful orb — Nevada City — from Thursday, Jan. 11 through Monday, Jan. 15, 2018. That's when the...

WILD & SCENIC FILM FESTIVAL... returns to the historic Sierra foothills burg, bringing with it 130 films covering a host of globally urgent, conservation-minded issues, people, and wonders of earthly splendor. On the 2018 docket at the 16th annual outing for the fest? "Evolution of Organic" from Mark Kitchell, which examines "(t)he past, present, and future of organic agriculture," and "The New Environmentalists" from producer-director John Antonelli, which is all about "...how ordinary people can affect extraordinary change" (you may have seen it on KQED, but if not, you can catch it during the festival). Some screenings will take place in lovely Grass Valley, too, and organizing it all? The South Yuba River Citizens League. For the full line-up of times, venues, and special events dotting the calendar, find your favorite tree, sit in its shade for a spell, and peruse all of the essential information about the 16th annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival.

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