Winchester Candle Tour: Glow Get Your Ticket Now

You won't have to wait for October, or even autumn, for this eerie outing.

A FRIGHT FAN CAN BE FORGIVEN... for weaving together the following words, at least in their own mind: The Winchester Mystery House and October. It's true, after all, that one of the best-known houses in all of the Golden State, and all of the rest of the planet, too, happens to be famous for its eternal guests, and "eternal guests" and "autumn" just go together for many people, thanks to the presence of a certain haunting holiday. It's true also that the holiday in question falls on the very final day of October, which can lead a person to believe that any eek-inducing event at the...

WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE... will also occur in October, and probably abut Halloween quite closely. But those who know the Winchester know this is not so, for A) there are special nighttime tours of the many-room'd house on every Friday the 13th, even those Friday the 13ths that pop up beyond autumn and B) the seasonal Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour is starting up in September in 2018. Not only that, but the tours begin in mid-September, meaning you can get your fall-style fun on during the summertime, at least for a week. As for day #1? It's on...

FRIDAY, SEPT. 14, which is pretty darn close to being a Friday the 13th, though not quite. Still, you can summon a bit of that spirited spirit as you venture through Sarah Winchester's rooms and hallways while spying those celebrated stairways that lead to absolutely nowhere. If you can't make it to one of these popular guided tours in September, or perhaps you want to truly do this in October, note that there are "26 select nights of frights!" to choose from. So where to begin choosing? Here, where tickets are sold.

TICKETS... are $19 to $49, and they do sell out, so get brave, get your buds together, and get on the road to San Jose for an adventure inside the 160-room, oh-so-rambling manse.

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