Winchester Mystery House: Film Costume Display

The spooky movie is still to come, but you can see the outfits now at the San Jose attraction.

SARTORIAL CINEMATIC: When you think of the Winchester Mystery House, a few images likely spring to mind. Staircases, for one, are a major visual hallmark of the San Jose attraction, both of the traditional sort, and those stairways that mysteriously lead to nowhere. Victorian-beautiful rooms, the sort seen in mansions from over a century ago, are another common Winchester sight. And the gardens and grounds? The outdoor spaces lend an airy loveliness to a location that's more known for its interior hauntings. But clothing? That doesn't necessarily seem like the first thing you might ponder when it comes to Sarah Winchester's massive home, a home built to house a coterie of restless phantoms. Yet clothing will be one of the main must-sees in the weeks ahead, as the costumes from "Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built" appear on display at the atmospheric abode. True, the movie, which stars Helen Mirren, hasn't yet been released, which makes the peek at some of its elegant Victorian wear all the more insider-y. The release date on the flick is...

FEB. 2, 2018, but you can eye the dresses and suits in the house's Venetian Dining Room now, as of mid-October. Which tour to join, though, to make sure you can visit the display? Here's hauntingly good news: "(A)ll three of our popular tours — Mansion Tour, Expore More Tour, and Hallowe'en Candlelight Tour" pass by the period costumes. Just can't wait for the film? Or perhaps you're a longtime Winchester regular and you're looking for a fresh dimension to your visit? They're on view now, as of October 2017, at a home that's said to be one of the most spirited in America.

AS FOR THOSE CANDLELIGHT TOURS? Due note they're a special seasonal happening, come the fall, so jump on one ASAP if you've wanted to see this fabled casa by night.

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