Winchester Mystery House Will Soon Become ‘Unhinged'

The "Immersive Horror Experience" debuts at the San Jose landmark in early September, for a two-month, select-night run.

HINGES? You can bet that the Winchester Mystery House, with all of its doorways and entryways and rooms and windows, has plenty of 'em. In fact, going around and counting each door-connecting contraption, hinge by hinge, might take a person a long time, given that construction on the San Jose landmark lasted for decades. That's because owner Sarah Winchester, wanting to appease the spirits, kept the human-held hammers hammering at all hours, quite famously. So hinge-ing it up around the mansion? Anyone doing so would need to spend a few weeks, or months, at the eerie and expansive abode. But what if you could skip the hinge-counting and become...

UNHINGED? Several fans of the phantom-tastic abode will do just that, beginning on Sept. 6, 2019. That's when an all-new "Immersive Horror Experience" opens at Sarah Winchester's epic-of-size estate, an event that's going to put a fresh and fearsome spin on the Halloween season for visitors. Those visitors will "... step into a real-life psychological and paranormal thriller, while exploring the dark hallways of the cursed Winchester Estate." The team behind this skin-tingly treat? ThemeDream Productions, with the scribes from San Francisco's "The Speakeasy" (the immersive theatrical treat) lending the spooky story vibes. This will all happen after the sun goes down, by the by, making it all the more macabre for guests who dare to join.

THE TICKET ON-SALE DATE? Turn your gaze upon the first day of August. But don't dally if you'd like to be one of the ethereal beings participating in Unhinged, for there shall be only 28 nights in all during the Sept. 6 to Nov. 2 run. Have you been searching for a new route to roam one of the Earth's most mysterious residences? This could be it. And if this is your first time at the Winchester, what a memorable way to see inside all of those many, many hallways, stairwells, and shadow-filled rooms. And speaking of rooms? Oh yes, get excited: You'll spy some spaces not seen on the public tours. Oh eek.

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