Wine and Rhinos

Safari West

HONEST? We don't know you (we don't think). But we have a feeling that you might be the person who likes seeing the words "wine" and "rhinos" together. Are we making assumptions? It's a slightly whimsical pairing, after all. It caught our fancy, and when we saw that Safari West and Francis Ford Coppola Winery were doing the fancy catching, we read further. Here's the animal-nice upshot: Safari West in Santa Rosa is offering a Wine and Rhinos package. It includes a "one night stay in a luxurious Safari tent." Yes to that. There's also a tour of the grounds and dinner at the Safari Grill and Coppola wines before dinner and a tasting at the Coppola winery. How many more yeses is that? Three more. Yes yes yes. (Is yeses a word? Don't quibble. We think it should be. Thank you for your support.)

TO DO: Make a reservation at Safari West. Find a very good friend who loves rhinos and loves wine. Pay $550 and change. And get bragging to everyone you know. There's also an additional thing where you can invite more friends for the tour and wine tasting (additional funds will apply). But the tent is for you and your sweetheart and your rhino-whimsical dreams.

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