World Giraffe Day at Safari West

Admire the spotted superstars while spending Father's Day at the Santa Rosa animal preserve.

IS THERE A MEMORY DEVICE... you rely on for birthdays, anniversaries, and such? Do you pair the first letter of a person's name with the first letter of a certain month? Do you think in seasons, foods, fruits, or related celebrations to keep track of those occasions you want to instantly recall? We all rely on a host of methods in this arena. But here's an easy one if you're a giraffe maven, and we'll just assume you are, because the spotted, loooong-of-neck ruminants are mega superstars, both online (hello, baby giraffe videos) and at various animal parks, too. Ready? It's easy to remember when World Giraffe Day is, for it happens right around the summer solstice, and if you can just think which animal is closest to the sun, height-wise, you'll pair up suns and giraffes and you'll never forget June 21 again. Now that we've wound around all of that, we're about to toss out a totally different date for a popular California-based World Giraffe Day celebration, and that is...

SUNDAY, JUNE 18, which, yes, happens to be Father's Day. Safari West, the sizable "Serengeti on the Sonoma" preserve in Santa Rosa, is honoring both dads and giraffes on June 18, with lawn games, a beer garden, burgers for sale at the Savannah Cafe, and a Nairobi trek, which puts you near all of the park's glorious giraffedom. One kind-hearted thing? Safari West will donate "each dollar we make on beer" to the Giraffe Conservation Fund. Are all of the things you love, such your dear pops, giraffes, helping animals, a day out in the sunshine with lunch, and adventuring, dovetailing together here? Should you make reservations? Will you ever forget that June 21 is World Giraffe Day ever again, with that whole convoluted but kind of semi-helpful "sun/giraffe" construct? So many questions, so much to love in terms of fatherly festivities, giraffe conservation, and Safari West.

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