World Record: 1000+ People Dressed in “Star Trek” Costumes

The big "Star Trek" convention looks to take back its title.

AN EPIC RETRIEVAL: If you've watched a single "Star Trek" episode, from any of the incarnations, you know what we're about to put forth is 100% true. And it is this: The Enterprise does not back down. If a ship is in jeopardy or a planet needs their help, Starfleet is on the way. Remember how badly Riker wanted to get Picard back from the Borg? That. Right there. That's what we're talking about.

SO WHEN... a prized title is taken away, or lost, you can bet action will be stepped up to right things. Take the mondo "Star Trek" convention from Glendale-based con-organizing powerhouse Creation Entertainment. This is one of the biggies, if not the biggie, of the Trek universe, and people (and stars) come out in full force. (Wait, we can use the word "force" in a "Star Trek" piece, right? Good.) A few years ago attendees, all in Starfleet dress, or in some outfit that paid homage to the Roddenberry-created phenomenon, banded together and achieved something big: The world's record for most people in "Star Trek" costume in a single place.

1,040: That was the number, a number that's as impressive as any dramatic Kirk-reptile squabble or massive wormhole. But, last year, alas, the London "Star Trek" convention bested it, gathering together some 1,063 people in costume That means the Guinness Book of World Records title went to London. Now Vegas wants it back and it is putting out the call. Can you join? Do you have a uniform or a Klingon get-up or something from the Trek canon? You're needed.

THE DATES: The con rolls in Sin City from Aug. 8 through 11. Oh, and hello: William Shatner, Avery Brooks, and Kate Mulgrew will be in attendance. Three captains?! Wow. Plus, yay, George Takei! You're going. Just make sure you pack your costume, the better to go for that world record.

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