World’s Largest Salmon BBQ

World's Largest Salmon BBQ

SALMON SOIREE: If you've ever paused and thought to yourself "self, where might the World's Largest Salmon BBQ take place?" you may have answered, oh. The Northwest, perhaps? British Columbia? But you needn't look so far north. Noyo Harbor, which is just a pinch south of Fort Bragg, happens to put a lot of fish on the grill during a special summertime Saturday. And when we say "a lot," we're not exaggerating. The annual event goes by the handle the World's Largest Salmon BBQ, which is nothing to sniff at. Also nothing to sniff at? The mission behind this fundraiser.

THE DETAILS: The Salmon Restoration Association is working to "restore the natural salmon runs to rivers in Northern California." Certainly a worthy goal, and a goal that is supported by the Saturday, July 2 event. A ticket is $25, which not only nets you a plump salmon but corn on the cob, garlic bread, and salad. Plus a nice day in Noyo Harbor. Get details on the seven-hour party, and more. We said that Noyo Harbor is just a pinch south of Fort Bragg, which means it is just a skip north of Mendocino. Which means your long holiday weekend has a lot of potential, if you're a salmon fan thinking of driving up.

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