World's Ugliest Dog: Enter Now

The Sonoma-Marin Fair tradition will once again love upon our quirkiest canines.

EVERY PUP IS AN INDIVIDUAL, with a distinctive personality (pupsonality?), and a distinctive snout (be it flat or very long), and a tail that doesn't quite curl or curls so tightly the pooch has a charming resemblance to a lil' piglet. And this is, in large part, why we adore them so, for all of a Fido's particular attributes help fill out his character, spirit, and presence. The Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair celebrates the offbeat essence of those hounds who rock a truly marvelous mien, from an extra-extra long tail to a snaggle tooth or two to a set of lopsided ears. This isn't meant to mock the adorable mutties but rather to show what all lovers of Lassies and Laddies know: Every pup is a work of perfection, and an awesome snaggle tooth or weirdly curly tail only enhances that fact. And the contest, which is quite light-of-heart and benevolent, through and through, reminds potential dog adoptees everywhere to welcome all waggers, no matter how snaggly or tail-curly. The World's Ugliest Dog Contest will once again roll at the early-summer Petuluma party on...

FRIDAY, JUNE 23: The top prize is $1500, plus you'll net a shiny trophy, which, of course, you'll want to put right next to your dog's bed, so she can admire it whenever she pleases. Also? You'll be flown to the Big Apple to make a few media appearances. Also? If you choose to enter, and do so by May 15, 2017, your entry fee is nada, as in waived, as in free. But the sweetest part of the sweet celebration, surely? Meeting other pup parents on the day of and finding out the backstory of their baby. Maybe the pup was a rescue, or maybe the pup has been a loyal, loving, 15-year companion to their human. Every tail — er, tale — is touching, and each reminds us of the power of pup love, and how a snaggle tooth, or an extra-waggly walk, can easily and thoroughly win us over.

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