Take a Guided Snowshoe Trek at Lassen Volcanic

Eye the wintry snowscapes of the hot/cold national park, with a ranger at the lead.


LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK... doesn't have the longest of names, so you don't need to look too deeply to locate the most epic and ancient part of its handle: volcanic. It's a destination dotted with hydrothermal wonders, from steamy fumaroles to incredibly hot (as in boiling, as in admire-from-a-distance) pools, the kind of wonders that draw visitors to the remote location throughout the year. But just because Lassen Volcanic happens to truly embody the "volcanic" doesn't mean it doesn't have its cold side, as in its very cold side, because it does: Winter can be intense around the park. Which makes a February or March visit to Lassen Volcanic a bundle-up adventure, one that often involves impressive amounts of snow accumulation. To get better acquainted with its icier side, there are events in the chillier months, like the popular snowshoe treks, the ones that happen each Saturday and Sunday. They just reopened, and they're on through Sunday, April 1, 2018, with...

A RANGER AT THE LEAD: The place to meet for the early afternoon crunch-crunch excursion? Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center is the place to head, near Lassen Volcanic's southwest entrance. The time is 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., "(s)nowshoes are provided," and a donation "... is requested to cover maintenance costs." Donation request amount? It's a buck. Everyone on the walk must be age 8 or older, and the right, stay-warm, move-well clothing? It's a must (there's a list here). Get all of the info you need for this not-pricey, nature-amazing, winter-rules way to know this hot/cold national park at its briskest stretch on the calendar. Details aplenty? Crunch, crunch, crunch in this direction.

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