Wow Over the Sunflowers of Capay Valley

The big blooms are bursting as of early July; get there soon.


IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN CALLED "SHOWY"... by someone, the person making the observation may have expected you to demur, and maybe even apologize, but no way, no how: Being showy is a super-duper thing. Life is lovelied-up by a bit of glamor and over-the-top-a-tude, and if embracing your showy side is your thing, well, it is a total compliment: Other less-showy people surely admire you and would love to incorporate that sort of confidence and can-do in their own lives. Now, in this showy vein, can you name some of the showiest flowers? The blooms that are so big, and so bright, that you just have to pull the car over, if you're in a car, and admire them? Yes, you can, and you probably said "sunflower," given that this glorious specimen is gargantuan, and eye-catching, and, when seen in profusion, absolutely unforgettable. And such a profusion is often seen around...

CAPAY VALLEY, in Yolo County, right around the start of summertime, give or take. If that has long been a wish of yours, to experience a sunflower field at its ultimate sunfloweriest, best make for the Capay Valley as quickly as you can devour a bag of sunflower seeds. There are scenic tours on through Saturday, July 14, which also involves a chance to experience historic Woodland, and its quaint downtown. A "... free picnic brunch on a private sunflower farm," a "private farm tour," and other cool happenings are bunched up in this special adventure, bunched like a bunch of blooms in a vase. Need your details? Well, YOLO: Here you go, sunflower fans. July's warmth isn't just in its sun and air, but in some of the iconic and showy stars of the farms of Capay Valley. 

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