Yosemite Facelift Announces 2018 Dates

The early-fall clean-up effort will take place in late September.

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THERE'S SOMETHING SO POETIC... about the start of autumn in Yosemite National Park, so rhapsodic, so beautiful, and incredibly peaceful. In fact, without too much searching on your part, you can locate some quality fan videos that capture the time, place, mood, weather, and feel of autumn around the park. What's in these short and reverent clips? There'll likely be a few exquisite shots of still-green leaves blowing in the breeze, and a couple of scenes featuring trickling creeks, and a number of times that the camera lingers on that quintessential summer's-ending, fall's-starting sky, that Sierra-perfect dome that's as blue as a bright blue stone. And, if you look even further, and you're a bit lucky, you might see a few bags, clean-up bags, that indicate the Yosemite Facelift is underway. For it hardly seems like the beginning of autumn around the national park without the major effort to pick up the trash and litter and the other stuff that got dropped here and there over the busy summertime. If you do adore Yosemite, and you've wanted to give back in some way and help its health, gorgeousness, and sheer, can't-quit, forever-rockin' Yosemite-a-tude,

THE 2018 DATES... have been revealed for this big volunteer push. And we do mean big: The facelift stretches out for the better part of a week, from Sept. 25 through 30, so if you want to stop by for a few days to pitch in, that's cool, or come for the whole length of it. Camping reservations? Those open on Tuesday, May 1. The people behind this great, love-you-Yosemite effort? The Yosemite Climbing Association. Well over a thousand people have volunteered in recent years, and you can imagine the trash they've hauled up and out: 12,197 pounds in 2016 alone. You dig autumn, you're wild for Yosemite, you love autumn in Yosemite, and you like making a different for a dazzling, beyond-belief place of extraordinary awesomeness? Follow the Yosemite Facelift for all of your upcoming info needs.

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