Your Neon Boneyard Nuptials

Looking to do a Valentine's Vegas Wedding? Here's a brightly lit twist.

VALENTINE'S VA-VOOM: It's may be difficult to guess what the dice in your hand'll roll -- a pair of fours? Fives? -- but it is easy to land on what the busiest wedding day of the year is 'round Sin City. It starts with a V, ends in alentines Day, and falls on February 14 100% of the time. (Just so you're clear on the odds.) And while the Strip and its surrounding striplets host a variety of chapels in which to do the happy deed, some with their own Kingly impersonator and some with something equally as fun, there's a new game in town this year. Well, make that a new old game: The Neon Museum. The famous final resting place for many of the gambling capital's most iconic, bulb-blinky signs just had a grand debut in the fall, but there are even bigger horizons ahead: Helping couples in love tie the knot on the sweetest day of the year. And all for a cost of...

$777: Lucky number seven and the get-lucky Nevada town go way back with oddsmakers, so it is no surprise that this is the price of the special package for couples cementing their love at the Neon Boneyard on Valentine's Day. Four guests are welcome as part of the $777 package, a deal that includes a ceremony, a 30-minute Neon Boneyard "walk-thru" (which recalls the famous "drive-thru" weddings of the city, of course), Champagne toast and wedding cupcakes, and, wait for it, commemorative t-shirts for the joyful pair. Heck yes, is our succinct opinion on that matter. If you're getting hitched in front of an old motel or diner sign, there better be a tee to take home.

PLUS... Photos and flowers. It's a neon-nice, just-long-enough affair to seal the deal, and the twosome and their pals will surely depart with a few colorful stories (there are over 150 signs to admire in the boneyard, so picture the picture possibilities). The whole nuptialing, from start to finish, will take an hour or just under. Also, there are stay-over deals at the El Cortez.

Interested, lovebirds? Contact Cynthia at the Neon Museum.

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