Your Pup Can Be a Redwoods ‘Bark Ranger'

Visiting the big trees with your favorite furry? There's a cool new tag for him to sport.

WHETHER YOUR PUP BOASTS A BIT, or likes to brag about you to the other dogs at the dog park, or talk up the awesome adventures you enjoyed together over the weekend to the neighborhood hounds, must always remain a mystery. You don't speak dog-ese, try as you might, and your dog may want to keep some secrets for the other tail-waggers he knows. But if a pup does boast, and all pups probably should, at least somewhat, for a dog's life is 100% boastable, then they'll definitely talk up what's coming up in the Land o' the Tall Trees. The Redwoods National and State Parks Facebook page shared an intriguing post on May 15, all about the launch of the BARK Ranger program. That means that, yes, your bestie can sport a special collar tag, should you purchase one, proclaiming to all the world, and, more importantly, to the other dogs he knows, that he is now a BARK Ranger. Make that a Redwood BARK Ranger, which, if you're obsessed with the forest giants, has to appeal to you no end (as it should).

THE DETAILS? A few hints of what's to come, beginning in June 2018, may be found in this post, but it looks like you'll want to head to lovely Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park for that tag purchase. "(S)how it off on a redwood hike along Cal Barrel Road..." is the post's smart suggestion, and we just know you'll want to, and your pup'll be on board, too. You may have seen other BARK Ranger programs popping up at other parks around the country in recent days, and wished your own canine could rock a Redwoods-cool collar tag. Wish no more: It looks like that day is on the way, and very soon, too. Best watch the Redwood National and State Parks social media for more updates on this very dog-tastic new development.

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