Yum: Sacramento Nacho Festival

The afternoon-fun affair spotlights the iconic dish on the final Saturday in August.

INFINITE POSSIBILITY DISHES? As in, those edibles that can easily work with a seemingly endless and creative array of toppings that complement what the dish is all about? They're not everywhere you turn, but you can probably name a few classics: pizza and baked potatoes and sundaes and pastas all pretty much rock, regardless of what is sprinkled on top and in what amount. Nachos, too, more than rule that particular list, as the dish works well with a wide swath of cheeses, and peppers, and salsas, and vegetables, and meats, and mmm. And, yes, there are even dessert nachos, too, of the sugary cinnamon sort, meaning a full meal can start and end in nacho goodness (there are no nacho cocktails at the moment, as far as we know, though surely that will soon change). Finding an opportunity to snack upon a bunch of different nacho varieties, all in one spot, is a bit harder, though, though that's about to change on...

SATURDAY, AUG. 26: The first-ever Sactown Nachos Festival will take place at Cesar Chavez Plaza in our capital city, and nacho mavens will have the opportunity to try a host of chip-cheese-salsa combinations from a line-up of nacho pros. "40+ Different Nacho Recipes will be served!" says the Facebook page for the event. It's an event that supports Project Optimism, through a portion of the proceeds, and tickets? There's a $15 choice or a VIP option for $25 (you'll enter the nacho-laden wonderland at 1 o'clock). The whole melty, savory, delicious shebang is on from 2 to 6:30 in the evening. The city is known for some top-notch eat-around festivals, and this nacho-stravaganza will only add to that fabulous foodie rep. But what is your ultimate nacho add-ons? Cotija cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and more cotija? The choices are bountiful and endless, which is why nachos continues to, understandably, rule the appetizer, entrée, and even dessert categories, too.

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