Yum: Taste of Solvang Tickets on Sale

Countdown to pastry joy: The magnificent feasting is a March wine country favorite.

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Tenley Fohl

WHIPPED CREAM AND POWDERED SUGAR: It can cause a bit of a cheek blush, or at least a sheepish look, when a stranger points out that you've got some powdered sugar on your chin or whipped cream on your lip or your face has been doused in a serious spray of bright pink sprinkles. The nearest napkin is quickly sought, and you clean up as best you can, even if no mirror is available. But in Solvang, during its foodie-iest festivity of the year, it is no big deal to see a dousing of powdered sugar down the front of someone's shirt or a touch of caramel on the tip of one's nose. After all, the windmill-laden Danish capital of America is rightly celebrated for its soft-of-dough, luscious-of-icing, juicy-of-jam pastries. You're almost expected to indulge during a Solvang sojourn, but when tasting and trying is at the center of the edible-tastic action? Well, then, you must be at...

TASTE OF SOLVANG: The 2017 eat-around-town to-do is the 25th annual, and the aebleskivers and cookies and cakes'll be out in full frosting-rich force. Tickets are now on sale for the mid-March to-do, which'll run for four days, from March 15 through 19. Consider making it a new St. Patrick's Week tradition, or simply an event that invites you to get your gooey, chewy pastry on. But it isn't all about the sweets, of course: Solvang's culinary farm-to-table culinary scene has been on the rise-and-rise, and, of course, locally crafted beers and wines play a palate-pleasing role. There is, in fact, a Wine & Beer Walk, as well as a Chef's Walk, so if your preferences lean less to dessert than dinner and drinks, pursue either or both. As for the great swath of it all? The Tasting Trail is what you'll need to focus upon. See the upcoming events and land upon your Taste of Solvang tickets soon, knowing you can dig into all of those icing-sweet, powder-sugary sweets and not show a lick of embarrassment for any gooey evidence left of your cheeks or chin. This is Solvang after all, where indulgences are part of the everyday.

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