Woz Wows in San Francisco

The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco hosted Apple Computer cofounder Steve Wozniak Wednesday night.

A couple hundred people showed up with VIP tickets in hand, ready to chat up the Apple icon.

The Internet superstar seems to have a male appeal.  We could count with fingers and toes the number of women in the crowd. iPhones, Chardonnay and trendy T-shirts appeared to be the accessories of choice as Apple geeks crowded around the man who has become quite a celebrity even outside of the computer world.
Many of the attendees at the party, organized by MacHeist, a Mac fan site, just wanted to meet the former "Dancing With the Stars" celebrity dancer, while others wanted to show him applications they'd designed. 

Woz asked one man's business card after he was shown his hologram application designed for the iPhone.  Let's just say when Steve Wozniak asks for your card, it's a good night. The man looked like a giddy teenager meeting a rock star.
When we asked Woz what his favorite application is, he answered, "The one that I use the most is called I-Tip, which tells me how much to tip in every country and what the tipping rules are."
Woz, sporting a soft black sweater, isn't actively involved with Apple, but he touted the company all the same.  "Apple brings better products to the world," he said. "That's what it does best." 

By the way, look for the bearded one to be on a stand-up comedy at stage near you.  He's just been offered a chance to do comedy at the Laugh Factory in L.A. He said he hasn't said yes yet, but is seriously considering it. 

What will his he yuck it up about?  "My material is a lot of true stories that sound like they couldn't possibly have ever happened."

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