Wozniak is Proud to Dance Like a Teletubbie

Former Apple co-founder struggles in second performance

Steve Wozniak got another chance Monday night to prove that he can dance. But another opportunity only brought another Teletubbie performance for the former Apple co-founder.

"The Woz," as his tech fans like to call him, danced "like a trooper" to a Buddy Holly inspired number.

He again came out with his pink boa (why?) and his arms were flailing much like his first performance, where he was dubbed, "a teletubbie going mad in a gay pride parade."

In his defense the Silicon Valley giant (no weight jokes there) had to wear a leg brace to deal with a fractured foot. But his second performance on the show kept Wozniak in the basement not because of his feet but more because the judges said he doesn't know how to keep his arms from looking like they are “pantomiming.”

But Wozniak does not seem to be deterred by the negative feedback.

"My left foot and right knee are my bad spots and both are acting up a bit but we only have one dance in a dress rehearsal and one live to go," he wrote to his fans after his dance.

Before he went on air he thanked his fans just for supporting them and told them he was on the show to help them realize their unfulfilled dreams.

"I think it should be noted that Teletubbies aired for 5 years, had 365 episodes, and a #1 music single," he said. "I'd take that as a compliment."

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