Wrong Waze? Residents in San Mateo Irked by App-Caused Neighborhood Congestion

Residents in some Bay Area neighborhoods are complaining that navigation apps are congesting their streets.

It's happening along North Bayshore Boulevard in San Mateo, where drivers are being directed by Waze and other apps to take the road between Norfolk Street and Peninsula Avenue to avoid the Highway 101 congestion.

The only problem is so many motorists are following the app, it's causing bumper to bumper traffic on the surface street as well.

Drivers use Waze to navigate around congested roads and get to their destination faster. But people who live in the neighborhood along North Bayshore want the city of San Mateo to encourage Waze to stop directing drivers to their streets.

The navigation problem has affected other Bay Area cities as well, including Fremont and Los Gatos, where complaints about summer beach traffic trying to bypass Highway 17 backups on the weekends sparked the town to deploy blockades.

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