Xoom owners need to ship their tablets back to Moto for 4G upgrade

Poor Motorola Xoom. We all wanted to love you, but you may have popped out of the oven a bit too soon. If you want 4G LTE on your shiny new Xoom (goes on sale today), you'll have to return it back to Motorola for the upgrade.

It's insulting to consumers that they are getting a tablet that is half-assed at purchase. The Xoom had everything going for it — a real tablet-optimized Android 3.0 OS, a sweet barometer, decent cameras and long battery life. But then the Xoom hit a series of snags before it even launched: $800 price tag, delayed Adobe Flash support and now the 4G LTE upgrade confusion.

Xoom owners who want the 4G LTE upgrade will need to ship their tablets back to Motorola's factories. You'll have to wait 90 days before you can do so and the entire service time will set you back six days. Yikes!

We really miss the days when a product actually launched properly — with all of its features in tow. Granted, Motorola is probably hoping to save some money off 4G parts with unsuspecting customers, but still — this entire procedure is a hassle and gives the impression that the Xoom shipping today isn't a real finished product.

But hey, at least the upgrade is free. It's just whether or not you can wait 96 days for 4G that's the kicker.

Droid Life, via BGR

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