Yahoo Jumps on the Tablet Only Newspaper Wagon

Yahoo announced Thursday that the company will be throwing it's virtual hat into the tablet news arena.

Recently Rupert Murdoch and Apple announced their iPad only newspaper called The Daily. Now Yahoo says they will be releasing their own version, called "Livestand," which will initially feature some their own popular content, like Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports, says the Oakland Tribune.

Yahoo's version, however, will not be confined solely to the iPad, but will also be available on other systems such as Google's Android or HP's webOS.

"We see tablets as a catalyst that will allow advertising dollars to shift from TV and print to digital," said Blake Irving, executive vice president and chief product officer for Yahoo.

Livestand will be a personalized version of traditional publications, in that the user can receive news based on their interest, time of day, and location.

There is no firm launch for Livestand other than the first half of this year.

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