Yahoo Looking Over Purchase Offers

Search company expected to sell a minority stake of itself.

Yahoo Sign
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The next chapter of Yahoo's future could be written this week.

The Sunnyvalle-based search company was reportedly mulling offers Tuesday for a minority stake in the company just a day after Yahoo set a deadline for company's to place their bids.

Analysts believe Yahoo will choose one of two paths it can follow: 1) the company sells a minority stake, up to 20 percent of the company, to an investor 2) Yahoo sells a controlling interest to a major bidder.

There are several suitors for one of the web's most trafficked sites, including another rumored overture from Microsoft who famously bid for the company two years ago before being rebuffed by the board.

Microsoft's bid is not believed to be for a full stake in the company. Unlike Chinese-based Alibaba, who has a long history with Yahoo.

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma said in October that his company has $20 billion in cash ready to make a move for Yahoo.

Yahoo currently owns about 43 percent of the Chinese company, so a take over could get quite tricky.

Not to mention that most analysts believe federal regulators might make a move to block a Chinese takeover of a prominent American tech company.

Regardless of what way Yahoo's board decides to go, no decision is expected in the near future.

Instead the company is expected to emerge from its latest round of offers with a game plan for its long term future, which for employees of the beleaguered company could be more valuable than any take over bid.

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