Young Girl Reunited With Deputy Who Saved Her Life

Brought together by an emergency, a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputy and a young girl have renewed their friendship after nine years.

Isys Robinson reunited with the Rick Chaeff, the sheriff who saved her life.

Nearly a decade ago, Isys’ grandmother pulled over after her granddaughter stopped breathing.

"She had very congested lungs so I ended up doing infant CPR," said Chaeff. "I flipped her over, smacks pretty hard on the back, to clear the airway."

Isys began to breathe again and since then their bond has only grown.

"We know that we make a difference every day but don’t always see the outcome," said Sheriff Laurie Smith. "It’s wonderful that she is alive today because of what deputy Chaeff did."

Sheriff Chaeff is now known as uncle Rick, brought the family to meet his entire command staff.

"Uncle Rick is my hero," Robinson said.

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