Your Chance to Meet Michael Dukakis’ Eyebrows


For a mere $25 you can meet 1988 Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis.

Dukakis and David Onek, candidate for San Francisco District Attorney, will be at Woodland Avenue on March 12.

Details from San Francisco FYI:

Woodland Avenue - David Onek and Michael Dukakis
When: March 12, 2011 - Saturday
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: 62 Woodland, San Francisco
What: You are invited to meet David Onek, candidate for San Francisco District Attorney and Michael Dukakis - 1988 Democratic Candidate for President.
Co-Hosts: Aaron Peskin, John Avalos, Peter Keane, Art Agnos, Nancy Oliveira, Michael and Johanna Wald, Rafael Mandelman, Ann Kirk and Ed Sykes, Jane Morrison, Agar Jaicks.
Donor's Choice: $25., $50. $75. Sponsor: $100. Patron: $200.
Information: 415-564-1482

Between the Murphy Brown Sketchfest reunion in January, and now Michael Dukakis, this town is turning into a regular Dennis Miller reference field day.

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