Your iPhone 5/6 Rumors of the Day


Screw the upcoming iPhone 5, the really good stuff is in the iPhone 6, at least according to today's Apple rumor mill. The big one: Apple is using some super-light, super-thin new screens for the iPhone 6.

Sharp's new poly-silicon LCD displays don't even exist yet, but when they do in early 2012, it's expected that Apple will snag 'em for the next-next-gen iPhone. Among the screen's benefits are a lighter weight, a thinner profile, and a lower energy draw, all good things for a phone. And the kicker is that the screens are brighter and more vivid than today's screens. Sounds good to me!

The other major rumor is that the iPhone 5 will come loaded with a CDMA/GSM chipset, allowing it to work on both Verizon and AT&T's networks, which would be nice. But the real good stuff would wait for the following year, when an LTE chipset would bring 4G speeds to the iPhone.

So, are you waiting for the 6 or are you too impatient and will be snagging the 5?

Via The Cell Phone Junkie and Apple Insider

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