Your iPhone is Now Serving Fresh Cookies

New app allows you to look at cookies but not touch

Laressa Watlington

When filmmaker Rand Alexander is having a bad day, he treats himself to a freshly baked cookie and after that first bite, the world is suddenly a better place.

It was his love of cookies that led him to develop an iPhone app that lets users hand-pick their favorite cookie right off a warm baking tray and not eat the cookie, but instead look at it. Almost seems like torture but Alexander says its the next best thing to being able to bite into a warm treat.

Mmm Cookies allows users to take a virtual bite of their favorite cookie - whether it be chocolate chip, chocolate-chocolate chip, snickerdoodle or peanut butter - and then pull them apart and wipe away the crumbs when they are finished.

No napkins are necessary, just an iPhone or an iPod touch and of course 99 cents. You didn't think staring at your favorite cookie was free did you?

"Believe it or not, Mmm Cookies didn't make me go insane for a 2 p.m. sugar fix--it actually took the edge off and definitely distracted me for just long enough to jump back into grading papers," Chris Vadnais, a San Antonio-based undergraduate communications instructor, said about the app, according to Mmm Cookies.

Hmm. We'd still prefer if our iPhone actually made us fresh cookies we could eat. That would be an app we'd pay 99 cents for.

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