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Netflix coming to your remote

Here's the kind of story technology companies love to see just ahead of CES:  A story about how it's going to be even easier for you to find and use their product.

Netflix, the super-successful movie rental company, has pretty much spent this past year making their movies easier for you to find and watch. 

Streaming to your PC, streaming to your TV, streaming to your phone and iPad.  Yes, they love streaming, but hey, they also recognize that some of us still reach for the old fashioned remote control when we're in couch potato mode.  And, along those lines, today's news that you'll soon be able to press a "Netflix Button" on future remotes.

Netflix isn't talking too much about this yet, only to say that companies like Toshiba and Sony will include a button on their future remotes, so you can get right to your Netflix que.  The DVD company can already be found on several DVD players, services like Apple TV and Google TV, and even on TVs themselves, so the remote makes sense. After all, why should we have to go through the painful process of hitting a button THREE times before we reach our 'flix?

The best news, perhaps, if you're a Netflix shareholder, is that this isn't really news about Netflix having to stretch and change its business model to stay ahead.  This is about other companies (big ones, too) working to make their products more compatible with Netflix.  That's when you know you're in:  When the rest of the world comes to you.

Scott, full disclosure, is a longtime Netflix subscriber.  He's on Twitter:  @scottbudman
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