Online Legacy: Who Gets YourSpace When You Die

Who do you want to leave your Facebook to?

With everyone living on the internet these days, it's an inevitable question:  What happens to all that stuff, after you've made your last entry?  You know, when you check in to that great social network in the sky.

The guys over at Legacy Locker have it all figured out.

Jeremy Toeman and Adam Burg started Legacy Locker after hearing about grieving families, unable, because of privacy laws, to get at their loved ones online messages and photos.  They understand and respect the privacy laws, but also know that at least some of what we put online, should someday be able to go to others.  Hence, the Legacy Locker.

USA Today put it best: A safe deposit box for your digital life. Think about it: email, Facebook, Flickr, Linked In, eBay,, your personal blogs .. All personal, all online, and now, thanks to Legacy Locker, all accessable to the important people in your life.

If you want to try it for free, the Locker will let certain beneficiaries (it's all password protected) get to some content.  The paid version lets more stuff out.  You choose those who can access it, kind of like you're making a will.

In fact, think about this: You'd make a will to protect all your stuff, especially if you have kids to pass it along to.  With Legacy Locker, your online content, photos, financial information, etc is protected in a similar way. 

So that whatever happens to you, there's a safe, easy way to pass it on.

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