Yuba City Hair Salon Back in Business

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Those dying for a haircut or massage can head to Yuba City in Sutter County where health officials are allowing salons to open with major modifications.

“We are in a big tug of war between what our state says we can do and what our local health department says we can do, it hasn’t been fun,” said Kristi Goldby, one of the owners of Headlines Salon and Spa in Yuba City.

“My mom’s been in tears almost everyday. It's tough we’re glad to be open,” said Goldby.

Clients have been flooding the salon with calls and appointments.

“We have pages and pages of people waiting to come in,” she said.

The spa, which has been in business for 35 years, got the go-ahead from the county health department not the state to open up on May 4.

“One of the recommendations is limited contact time so we’re sitting two and three hours at a time like for normal color service for facials,” said Goldby.

The mandatory modifications have been put in place, the salon looks a lot different now. Masks are mandatory and clients have to wait outside until they can be seen.

“From the first 8 weeks we went from a robust business to not having any income at all it’s been an emotional roller coaster,” said Goldby.

And it’s been scary because the state licensing board called Goldby with a stern warning saying there will be consequences if they open up for business.

No state officials have come by.

She’s going with county rules hoping all of her workers will feel comfortable coming back to work.

“We feel comfortable, confident with the things we’re going to be doing but I’m not forcing people to come back to work,” Goldby said.

Not all salons are opened up. Some business owners are afraid that the state will come in and revoke their license. 

Folks in the industry are hoping that both sides will come to some type of agreement. 

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