ZIRX Offers Parking At Your Fingertips

SAN FRANCISCO - Parking in San Francisco can be a real headache, whether you’re trying to find a spot for an event or outside your apartment. The company ZIRX is offering a personal on-demand valet throughout most of San Francisco.

Basically, you download the app. Request a valet or "agent.” That person arrives to pick up your car and then they park it in one of 10 secure contracted lots. Both you and the agent receive a code on the app to confirm you’re handing your car to the right person. It costs $15 a day and an extra $15 to keep it overnight.

“In any city I visit, parking is one of the things that people complain about,” said ZIRX Founder and CEO Sean Behr. “It's one of the hassles we have to deal with and ZIRX set out to transform that to make it a seamless experience. To make it quick, easy, and safe."

Customer Phillip Clark has the monthly unlimited subscription for $300 a month. Wednesday night, he had his car dropped off to him near his office.

“ZIRX just makes it that much easier to begin my day and end my day by not having to deal with [parking]."

Another company in San Francisco called Luxe Valet provides a similar service.

ZIRX just recently expanded to Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington D.C. Agents go through extensive background checks at the local and federal levels.

Agents can even wash your car, fill it up with gas, or get its oil changed while you’re away.

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