Zodiac Killer's Code Cracked?

After 40 years, the infamous Zodiac Killer's final cipher may have been cracked.

Corey Starliper, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts claims he's figured out the most famous 340 character code, which was mailed to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I became absolutely obsessed with the case, to the point that I’d look up from Graysmith’s books ... and realize that I’d actually forgotten to eat," Starliper told the Burlingame Patch.

Using some tips from the Robert Graysmith book "Zodiac" along with Caesar code, Starliper was able to eventually figure out what he thinks the killer was saying.

Here's what he came up with:


Leigh Allen was the primary suspect in the case, but died in 1992, at the age of 58.

Starliper contacted authorities, but they seemed to have little interest.

“What I really mean to do by cracking these codes ... my main goal, is to figure out, for one, exactly who did it, and to bring peace to the families of at least some of Zodiac’s suspected victims,” he said.

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