Zuckerberg Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Mark Zuckerberg's rise to tech elite has become fodder for big screen drama.

The young CEO's battles with the original funder of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, and the Winklevoss twins made for an Academy Award-winning movie.

Now Zuckerberg's ongoing battle with Paul Ceglia, who claims an email from Zuckerberg proves he owns 50 percent of Facebook, has been honored by Taiwanese animation.

Next Media Animation has used creative license and amusing 3D animation to depict Zuckerberg's latest controversy.

The clip opens with a battleship sequence, where Zuckerberg and his foes are firing cannons at each other.

It goes on to show Zuckerberg sitting in a board room with Facebook executives getting upset over email.

So like any young CEO would do, Zuckerberg's avatar jumps onto the table, drops his pants and begins urinating on the emails.

Look below to check out the full video.

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