Zuckerberg Gets ‘Mad'

Everyone's favorite juvenile magazine has a new coverboy, and it is Mark Zuckerberg.

He already kind of resembles Alfred E. Neuman, but don't worry,  (What, me worry?) he's not replacing the iconic gap-toothed redhead.

TechCrunch asks the question, "Why Zuckerberg? Why now?" They point out, while most kids who read this magazine (Do kids still read magazines? Does ANYONE still read magazines?) probably know Facebook, they probably don't know who founded it.

So TechCrunch went to "Mad's" editor John Ficarra to get the straight answers. As suspected, if you work for "Mad," chances are you're not going to take anything seriously.

"TC: Why Mark? Why now?

Ficarra: It was a pure business decision. We got a cool $2 mil from the Winklevoss twins to “poke” him a new one.

TC: What is Mad doing in terms of social media? Do you have a MySpace page?

Ficarra: We don’t have a MySpace page, but we have a very heavy presence on Friendster. Plus, you can usually find us every night…late into the night…on Chatroulette. That’s us with the Zorro mask and the SuperSoaker.

TC: Where is your iPad app? What’s the hold up?

Ficarra: We have a GREAT MAD app! It’s for the Zune and it’s available exclusively at Circuit City. Check it out!

TC: It is my understanding that Mad writers aren’t particularly intelligent. Who spelled Zuckerberg’s name for you?

Ficarra: Any idiot can spell Mark. Duh!"

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