MTV Airs Its Date With Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg may have more friends than most people on the planet but they don't always hear from him.

The young CEO of Facebook doesn't make a point to speak in public too much but details of his life have been quite public since Hollywood decided to make a movie about his rise into one of Silicon Valley's elite.

But Wednesday night Zuckerberg broke his silence and tell his own story as part of MTV's "Diary" series.

Facebook is doing its part to take control of its own narrative. The Palo Alto-based social-networking site is opened its corporate headquarters for the cameras of MTV.

Zuckerberg and company were featured on the music channel's show "Diary," which is usually reserved for following a celebrity around on his or her day-to-day activities.

The 30-minute episode focused on the culture and people behind the web's most popular sites on the Internet.

Zuckerberg showed the MTV cameras what his average day looks like and how the office is set up.

The cameras were also present for one of Facebook's notorious hackathon sessions. 

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