Zynga: Back On The “Farm”

New FarmVille for mobile users

Attention "FarmVille" fans (and, clearly, there are many of you still out there): The sequel is here.

San Francisco's Zynga just launched "FarmVille2: Country Escape," an attempt to boost its fortunes, by returning to the site of its original hit. This time, though, the emphasis is on mobile play - a good move, given the recent rise in mobile fortunes hauled in by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

In a release from Zynga (ZNGA) this morning, its President of Games, Jonathan Knight says "we've reimagined the franchise as a mobile experience to match how players want to connect with their farm and with their friends," A big nod to how players want to connect with both their friends, and their own devices, anywhere at anytime.

Will this be enough to bring Zynga back to the levels it held during the original "FarmVille" era? Not sure about that, but stressing mobility is important. After all, it's where the money, players, and now the cows, are all hanging out.

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