Zynga CEO Has a Stalking Stripper

Mark Pincus files for restraining order against Russian dancer.

Zynga CEO and founder Mark Pincus filed a restraining order against a former stripper, who he says has been stalking him, reports Valleywag.

Pincus says amateur filmmaker and former dancer, Vera Svenchina, threatened his wife and visited his home twice in a week. He also alleges the woman sent him several bizarre emails and voicemails in February.

Included in the evidence submitted by Pincus, Svechina allegedly claims Zynga was her Russian family's idea, that Google's co-founders killed he father, that Pincus's children are "ugly babies" and that "I wish them all the worst."

In May 2010, Svechina went to a Mountain View police to report that Google was sending messages to her brain, ordering her to kill herself, said a police spokesperson for the Mountain View Police Department. She was committed for 72 hours.

She also followed a blind Google employee into the headquarters, last month, and dropped off a Russian book and a non-threatening note for Google heads, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. No charges were filed at that time.

Pincus says he knows the woman because a friend dated her, but she appeared "normal" at the time.

A San Francisco judge granted the restraining order based on "stalking" and "a credible threat of violence."

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