Zynga Cranks Out Another Pre-IPO Game

"Adventure World" about to launch


While investors wait impatiently for Zynga to launch its IPO, gamers don't have to wait as long for the newest way to play. Zynga is about to launch its latest release, called "Adventure World." 

This one, we're told by Zynga, comes from the company's Boston area studio, snatched up when Zynga bought Conduit Labs and Floodgate Entertainment.  It's also the latest in a series of pre-IPO (but post-IPO announcement) releases from the company, which, although profitable, seems especially determined to show off its revenue generating prowess before it sells shares of stock to the public.

"Adventure World," as far as we can tell from previews, pretty much sticks to the Zynga theme: It's free, you can find it on Facebook and the Zynga website, and you're on a quest.  To make things smoother, you can buy virtual things with real currency as you go.

Zynga says it's putting "Adventure World" out in several languages, with graphics that are a step up from what you're used to in their games. 

And about that IPO? The thought here is that people are worrying too much. Yes, it's legitimate to wonder if a company like Groupon, sans profits, will actually fire up investors. But Zynga? This is by all accounts a cash factory, and while sitting September out is always a good idea stock-wise, October has often been a friendly month for IPO-seeking technology companies. 

So be patient.  And, while you're waiting, there will soon be a new game to play.

Scott’s about to meet the Boston crew.  He’s on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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