Zynga Launches New Games To Go

A Farm in your pocket...

Walk in, and it's like taking a field trip to the set of "Austin Powers." 

Zynga's new San Francisco headquarters is crazy, sexy, and cool.  If you've wondered where your "FarmVille" dollars are going, they're here.  A gigantic new building, along with a constantly growing workforce.

As for the future dollars?  They'll be spent on any of ten new games, ranging from the sequel ("Mafia Wars 2") to the brand new ("CastleVille," "Zynga Casino").  The company, perhaps responding to recent digs about its sagging profit, ramping up bigtime before its planned IPO.

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus started things off by showing off what Zynga calls "Project Z."  It's a way for the social gamer to distance itself a bit from its Facebook roots, instead building its own social network platform.  Soon, you'll be able to play the new games on Facebook, on the Zynga platform, and increasingly, on mobile devices - another big Zynga push.

Whether the flurry of games will bring more attention to the planned stock offering remains to be seen.  Zynga has an impressive track record of making money on these games, and with "Casino" alone, there are all sorts of ways to waste time at work.  One room even calls itself - say it slowly - Zynga Bingo.

Roll those virtual bones.

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