Dec 13

San Diego’s Border Busts

Images of smuggling attempts at their finest.

  • Dec 2

    ‘Baby Shark’ Toy Stops Bullet Inches by Toddler’s Head

    A bullet fired into a Madison, Wisconsin, home last week missed a sleeping toddler by inches, coming to rest in a stuffed “Baby Shark” toy inches by her head. Investigators said the bullet hit the gutter, traveled up, entered the second floor room and buried itself in the stuffed toy.

  • Dec 2

    WH: Trump Will Not Participate in Impeachment Inquiry

    President Trump’s lawyers will not participate as the ongoing impeachment hearings enter their next phase. A White House lawyer wrote the House Judiciary Committee on Sunday, stating “We do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing,” calling it an “unfair” and “irretrievably broken process.”

  • Dec 2

    Four Dead in Minneapolis Murder-Suicide

    Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota say four people, including two children, a woman and a gunman, were shot and killed Sunday morning in the city’s south side. Police found two young boys with gunshot wounds outside of their home, before more shots were heard from inside the house.

  • Dec 2

    PHOTOS: White House Christmas Decorations Unveiled

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the White House. First lady Melania Trump received the official 2019 White House Christmas tree late last month after the Douglas Fir traveled from Pennsylvania. That tree is now serving as a centerpiece for Christmas decorations in the Blue Room of the White House, with decorations and other trees spread throughout…

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