10% of Facebook Users Aren't Human

About 100 million of Facebook users aren't even human -- instead they are pets, brands or companies, according to a recent study.

eMarketer, an Internet market research company, reported that only 889.3 million of Facebook's 1 billion users are real people, and the social network won't truly reach 1 billion human users until next year, according to the Daily Mail.

One famous nonhuman would be Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg's dog, Beast, who has more than a million fans. Another interesting page is of the Facebook foxes, a family of foxes that live on the Facebook campus, that has more than 8,000 likes. The page features numerous pictures of baby foxes, or kits that members of the community share. 

Animals are compelling subjects (see Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition to see what we mean), but there are probably far more companies, brands and goofy Facebook pages that would qualify as nonhuman. For every Grumpy Cat, there are probably four or five brands of liquor or shoes vying for eyeballs.

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