10% Read Texts During Sex, Survey Says

Technology has invaded the bedroom and even our most intimate moments -- 10 percent of people will read a text and 12 percent will answer their smartphone during sex, according to a survey.

The survey was done by condom maker Durex, polled 2,000 U.K. respondents and analyzed the data, according to Metro, a U.K. publication. A full third of the respondents said that technology was "actually getting in the way of their sex life," while another 30 percent said it distracted their partner from intimacy. Just in case you think that's not the American way, Harris Interactive did a similar poll in February which had 26 percent of U.S. respondents saying they would miss their mobile phones more than sex.

However, Durex said in a statement that it was promoting Earth Hour -- an hour from 8:30-9:30 on March 29, where people are asked to turn off power and electronic gadgets -- as a way to concentrate on couple time.

"Earth Hour is a great, yet rare excuse for couples to give each other their undivided attention. With over 80 years bedroom experience, Durex knows physical touch and intimacy are extremely important for feeling connected in your relationship," said Aurore Trepo, marketing director, Durex USA. 

Obviously Durex has an interest in promoting sexual activity, but surveys like this bring up a some serious points -- 63 percent would rather communicate via social media rather than directly with our partners. Our relationships with electronics are easy but not fulfilling, and although humans take a lot of energy, they tend to last and make us better people.

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